Learning to embrace change

I have to say I'm very proud of how far I've come. I've been very focused these last few days on following the clean eating principles. Today I was off work and generally that is difficult for me to be on track. I find it so much easier to be on schedule when I’m at work, as opposed to my weekends. I carried my water bottle all day and got in my 3 litres.

My food for today is as follows:
Breakfast - protein bar
Lunch - Tossed salad w/chicken and avocado
PM Snack - Banana and almonds
Dinner - Tossed salad w/avocado and nuts and 1 cup of cottage cheese

It's kind of nice to not have to be overly concerned with calories, just making sure that I’m doing 5-6 meals per day and including the carbs, fats and proteins.

Today we did some shopping and re-stocking of our kitchen. Braved the new Wall Mart - wow that is BIG!!! Got some new clothes, since I keep needing new clothes every couple of months - that's a definite plus of losing weight. Then we went out to Costco and grabbed some more Genisoy Protein bars and some chocolate protein powder to make shakes in the morning. Last stop was Glenwood Meats to restock our freezer with some good proteins. The thing I really like about Glenwood is that you can get them to package your meats however you want. So if you want 4 lbs of ground turkey - they will package it in 1 lb bags. That is a huge reason why I will go there for my meat shopping.

Focus is now on the next three days and staying focused with the "plan". Tomorrow morning is 6AM Boot camp - now I really feel dedicated considering I don't even have to work tomorrow... BRING IT ON! :)


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