Plugging Along

I've been slightly absent from posting, I’ve felt so busy these last few days. Monday boot camp was indoors, we did kind of a mix of bike and tire, I can't say I was especially excited about that workout, but maybe that's because I don’t feel like I pushed myself like I should have. Sometimes you just have those days that you're "blah" and just have to push through it. Wednesday's boot camp was much better, it was still inside, we did a circuit class where you did part intervals on the bikes and then a strength exercise - I really loved the workout. The sense of sweat pouring down your face just makes me feel rewarded for everything I’ve put into it. My personal training sessions at Esquimalt have ended now so I’m just taking a break on Tues/Thurs for right now but I will be back at it full force hopefully in a couple weeks.

After last week’s awesome weigh in, my goal for this week is to either maintain or lose 1 lb, I don't want to set myself up for failure by thinking I’m going to lose 8 lbs again. And I promised myself I wouldn't be disappointed whatever happens, I just have to remember the work I'm putting in and that I am doing this right.

I've been good with sticking with my clean eating, small meals and lots of water and will continue with it. I've ordered the clean eating book "The Eat-Clean Diet Recharged!: Lasting Fat Loss That's Better than Ever!" by Tosca Reno. Apparently it's supposed to be a really good guide and give you some good recipes. I also grabbed a clean eating magazine at Save On Foods the other day and have checked through that. It seems to have some good suggestions which I will have to try.


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