Feeling optimistic

So I’ve been struggling for the last or so with my motivation. It's kind of felt like I’ve gone through the motions but not really had the motivation. Today I think I’ve found it again!

Yesterday I went to the Drill class which was awesome, and then came home to hang out with John since he is recovering from surgery and can't be out of the house. I seriously felt stir crazy at about 4PM, I recognize that the old me would have been happy staying home and vegging, but the new me just wanted to be outside and doing stuff.

This morning we did lower Thetis, and the part I love the most is that we all did it together. Those that could run faster/longer went to a certain point then came back and met the last person, there was no race, it was true team work. I truly feel like I pushed myself harder than I’ve ever pushed myself before and showed myself what I’m capable of. I just had so much energy after. I even came back with Kristine and Gina later in the afternoon and we swam out to the island and back.

I am revved up and ready for a new week with a fresh outlook. I'm going to try some new BDHQ classes on Tuesday/Thursday and see how they go. Spin/TRX/Kettle Bells.


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