Today was weigh in day, I have been pretty much on track this week with my food, but didn't get any extra workout days in as I had promised myself. This week for sure I am doing at least one extra class though, I just have to force myself to do it. I lost another 2 lbs this week - yeah - which I’m happy with since I didn't put the extra work in that I should have. We did our waist measurements today and in the lat 7 weeks i've lost 7 inches off my waist!! I just wish I could see it - the number is nice, but I can't see it. When I see myself I see the same person.

I also tried some new recipes. I made chicken nuggets and yam fries - clean eating style - turned out so good, and even better for left overs. I will have to make those again. Also made some chocolate/almond butter protein bars, also good, but kinda fell apart so not sure if I’d make those again.

Today was a big workout, we ran downtown along the water by Spinnakers pub. There is a set up metal stairs that goes up from the trail. 100 stairs up and I went up and down 5 times. I like feeling like I’m getting a good workout in and I definitely felt it today, pretty sore!! Went for a walk later on in the day on the breakwater. One of my absolutely favourite things to do when it's windy in Victoria is walk on the breakwater and it doesn't even feel like I’m working out.


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