This is where i'm at now...

Let's just say these past two weeks have felt like a total blur. I have been working out pretty much every day with the exception of yesterday which was Chantel's wedding. My body is just kinda on automatic mode now, it's just get up, work, work out, sleep. But really I think that's what I need right now, just be in the zone, be totally committed to my journey. I feel like I am, I definitely wasn't 100% committed yesterday and I felt it all day and this morning but I knew that it would be like that. It was a go go go day yesterday with the wedding and getting ready and photos, but I could definitely tell the effect on my body with not eating every 3 hours and not getting enough protein and water. Today i'm refocused though, got my workout in and so glad that I went even though I physically was exhausted and definitely didn't do as much as I normally could. But you definitely feel good and rewarded after completing it... I know even though i really needed the sleep that I would not have felt as good as I do now. Push Push Push that's all I can do.

We are coming into the last week of the Biggest Winners program. I am signing up again and will do another 12 week set because it is so necessary in meeting my goal. Unfortunately i'm going to miss the wrap up and final workout/weigh in next weekend since i'll be away in the Okanagan :(. I even was trying to cut my holiday short so I could attend this but it just didn't happen with the flight schedule. Michelle has graciously offered to do my weigh in and measurements and a training session on Thursday morning though so I can still see my progress. I honestly cannot thank her enough and BDHQ for everything they have done for me. Without their support I think I would still be stuck in a rut and working out, but not losing weight. I cannot say enough good about them and the business they do.


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