A detour in my workouts

Well I thought I was back full force into the workouts but then that got interrupted. I am embarrassed to say I haven't been looking after myself or making myself a priority for a long time. Taking back control of my health and fitness was step one but there are other aspects of my health that I had been ignoring. I had not gone to the dentist in a number of years because I was terrified of what I would have to do. I knew they were going to tell me I had to get my wisdom teeth out and that totally freaks me out so I just avoided it. Well lets just say I decided it was time to stop procrastinating and that I am in control of my life and that I need to make myself a priority. I went to the dentist and yes they did tell me I have to get my wisdom teeth out. I also had to get 3 fillings. The plan was to go one day for the fillings and then another for all four wisdom teeth. On Friday when I went for the fillings they suggested I get one of the teeth pulled as they had already froze me. I said sure and went along with it. Anyway, my body did not react too well to the freezing so its probably best I did get that one tooth out since I wont have to get freezing on that side again. But it has kinda kept me house bound for the last couple of days since every time I try to get up and do something I feel like i'm going to pass out. I'm going stir crazy!!! I've also been advised to avoid strenuous exercise for a few days to let my gums heal which meant no bootcamp for me this morning :(. I really did miss going and wished I could have been there but i'll be back on Wednesday for sure. My body isn't used to being so stationary for a long period of time so here's hoping that everything heals okay in my mouth and I can get back full force. Well at least for a week and then it's on to Texas where I will have to be super focused because I will have to do it on my own for a week!


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