It's a lifestyle not a diet

I get asked all the time how my "diet" is going, or how long do I plan on sticking to this "diet". My response, I'm not on a diet. I have changed my lifestyle and am living a healthy, non destructive life that I will continue with forever.

If you think of a diet it is something you will do until you reach your goal, but then once you're at your goal what happens? You go right back into the same patterns that got you to that undesirable weight. Clean eating is the only lifestyle change that I have made since starting my weight loss journey in 2008 that I can honestly say I can sustain for the rest of my life. It surprises me when people don't see it the same way, but I have to remind myself that i'm not here to change anyones perceptions on food/life. I am on my own journey and if they want to join me then I am more than willing to give any information I can but I will not stop my progress just to wait for someone else.

I can honestly say that for the most part those cravings are gone and the emotional urges to use food as a crutch have subsided. They are still there, and I think they always be, but I have learned tools to work around it. Working out has replaced gorging on food for me. If i'm so stressed out I can go for a walk and cool my head.

I'm definitely not perfect in my clean eating lifestyle, I still fall sometimes, I still eat things that aren't necessarily considered "clean" but I know how to stop myself and get back on track. I know not to beat myself up for it and to move on. I'm not really sure where this shift in my mentality came, but I guess practice makes perfect and I never ever ever want to be that person I was before this journey.


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