My new LuLu's

I'm feeling much better this week. My mouth isn't as sore and it seems like i've avoided getting dry socket. I'm back on my game!

Friday was our work night out to say goodbye to those of us transitioning to CRA. It was a fun night and nice to see so many people out. It was also a little sad knowing i'm going to have to leave these great group of people. I'm so happy that i'm going with some friends, but sad i'm leaving some behind. It's been a pretty long and frustrating process ever since we found out about HST, but it's all finally coming to an end and i'm ready for a new beginning and a new career path at CRA. I have to admit though i'm pretty scared though..It takes me a long time to get comfortable with people and build relationships and I've finally done that where I am now.. But I'll embrace this challenge just like I do everything in life and strive for my best.

Saturday it was BDHQ's customer appreciation event which was an outdoor Songhees workout and then a sale at the new Pen Run store on Yates. Funds are a bit tight right now with our upcoming trip so no new shoes for me at Pen Run, but we did go to Sports Check and got the buy one get one 50% off sale so both John and I could get shoes.

Today was Biggest Winners, weigh in and goal setting. I'm down a few more pounds and also more body fat which is awesome! My goal for this session is to lose 26 lbs, that will make me < 200 lbs which is a huge goal for me. My prize for winning the last session was a pair of lulu capri's & a tank. I went shopping with Michelle after boot camp today and found a really cute outfit that i'm excited about so I have some new workout clothes which I definitely needed! What i'm even more excited about is the fact that I can actually wear them and feel good about it. I can go shopping with my friends now and "normal" stores and not be intimidated or embarrassed. I couldn't even do that in high school!

Tuesday AM we leave for Texas for World Burn. I'm excited but also slightly nervous because i'm going to be outside of my routine. I'm brining my workout stuff with me and my plan is to get up and workout every day. There is a pool there that appears to be longer for lengths so even if it too hot to run at least I can get some swimming in. Unfortunately I will have limited control over the food that is served so I will have to be extremely careful what I put in my body. we'll go to Wall Mart once we get there and pick up some healthy snack foods (ie. fruit/nuts/oatmeal for the room). All I can do is stay focused when i'm there and not get off track.

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is.”


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