Little Rewards

It's funny how our perspective can change. I used to think scarfing down some Tim Horton's donuts was a treat or having an ice cream but I've learned to change my perspective on rewards. If i'm going to dedicate an hour or two hours to working out, why would I want to waste that on 5 seconds of pleasure? Why not have something that is good for me, that will satisfy me but is also tasty. Gone are the days of white sugar overload.

West Coast Waffles which is on broad street has quickly become my favorite weekend treat. First I must work out though, and rocked a killer Drill class at BDHQ today - though I have pulled a muscle in my kneck cuz it is super super sore. Then it was over for some sugar-free Spelt’n Rolled Oats waffles. Raspberries, Banana, Protein Powder and Yogurt. Now that's a treat. I love that there are more and more businesses recognizing the need for healthy alternatives and West Coast Waffles definitely gets it. Kudos to them for having so many fresh and local options for us. I will definitely be a repeat customer!!!


Tonia said…
I want those raspberries!

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