Commitment Pays Off

I am very proud of myself for having such a dedicated week. It definitely paid off. 3lbs down, and on the right track. I'll stay on the same schedule for this week I think. I did a kettle bell class this week and will continue on with that, it was nice because it was at 5PM so right after work and that meant I was home and "done" early. This week I will keep on the same schedule.

We had our Peer Support Group dinner last night at the Sticky Wicket, I was good, had a veggie burger (no bun) and soup yummy!! one glass of wine, but that is the only one this week. I shared a piece of baileys cheesecake with 3 other people, so only a few bites and satisfying.

Today's workout was awesome. Myself and a fellow Biggest Winner participant met a huge goal! We ran from the studio to the end of the Songhees in 20 minutes without even stopping!! 10 weeks ago we couldn't make it that far. And definitely not without stopping for a break. So even though the pounds are melting off like they were before, the strength and endurance is increasing. Small changes and achievements like these are what really show that commitment can make the biggest difference. It is validation for all the hard work that I put in to reach my goal. FOCUS... DEDICATION... COMMITMENT..


WyzWmn© said…
I am absolutely in awe of what you've accomplished Bri...well done...well done!

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