Rewarding Achievement

Wow what a week! Week 2 of the new session and everyone seems so dedicated and determined, it's a whole new vibe and it feels great. Down another 3 pounds this week which means 7 total in the last two weeks, that's almost as much as I lost in the last session. It feels so good that the number is going down and I am so so so so close to seeing that #1 on the scale.

This week my goal was completely non-gym related. I am meeting my fitness, health and food goals every week so why make a goal I am already achieving? My goal this week was to use one of my Groupons/gift certificates, to do something for myself. So me being an all or nothing kinda gal went to triple my goal. First I got my hair cut, well "fixed", as the last person that cut it pretty much butchered it and I just never went back to fix it. Second, I used my Le Spa Siren gift certificate and got a facial today. Third, John and I went out for dinner to Nautical Nellies. It was nice to get my hair fixed, and not have to feel so self conscious about it. The facial was relaxing and lovely.

For everyone on a health journey I think it's important to recognized your little achievements and milestones and reward yourself. But it doesn't mean that they have to all be monetary. Here are some ideas:

-allow yourself to sit back and relax, read a book or go for a walk and pretend the dishes, laundry and cleaning is not there
-give yourself a manicure/pedicure at home or out at the salon
-have a nice hot bath with candles and your favorite bath products
-set aside time to fulfill your hobby, maybe it's scrap-booking or baking or drawing, just set aside the time
-have a game night
-have a milestone party - maybe you hit a big milestone, like 100 lbs, HAVE A PARTY!!
-consign your old clothes that don't fit you and pick out some new ones
-plan a trip
-take an afternoon off work for no reason at all
-compliment yourself. Write down what you would say to anyone else who accomplished what you did.
-pay someone to do the yardwork or house cleaning this week.

Ultimately you have to find what makes you feel good about yourself, what makes you feel like you are rewarding yourself? Remember not to feel guilty about rewarding yourself, you deserve it if you are putting all the effort in to get healthy, allow yourself some breathing room to live your life as well.


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