Milestones and Motivators

Today marked the conclusion of another 12 week Biggest Winners session. I can't believe it's now three fully completed sessions with amazing results not just from me but from everyone in the group. My official total was 19.2 lbs lost and 10 inches in 12 weeks, not too shabby! I reached some pretty big milestones this session which I never thought were possible.

#1 - I got to ONEDERLAND!! And I will never go back, I will never see that 2 on the scale again that is a commitment to myself
#2 - I ran 10K without stopping, not even for 10 seconds, WITHOUT STOPPING! Bonus, I ran 10K and liked it and did it again and again and again.
#3 - I graduated from plus size stores and can now officially buy everything in "regular" stores
#4 - I made a TV appearance, link here in case you missed ;)

I think these milestones are more important that the weight loss itself, though #1 wouldn't happen without the weight loss LOL. What I mean is just seeing these successes reminds me why I do this, it reminds me why I have to stay focused and driven. The fact that this is important to me is why I keep doing this and why I will never ever give up, if I do please grab me and shake me and tell me to read what I've written because this is HARD work.

This is a picture of some of our beautiful Biggest Winner participants from our wrap up yesterday which included make up and hair. Looking at this picture reminds me of how much hard work each of these ladies puts in every day. They are the reason that I love this group.

And here is my after shot...

Tonia convinced me that I should not be wearing leggings/tights with that dress and it was a HUGE step out of my comfort zone to wear a dress that I consider to be pretty short and bare my legs, but love the photo!

And another photo of Tonia, Nicki and I

My two little running motivators, they both push me to go faster each and every workout as im huffing and puffing to keep up with them!

One week off and we start another session. I am excited for some more amazing results and transformations. I am excited to reach some more milestones, the 180s, the 170s and dare I say it maybe even the 160s. FOCUSED DETERMINED and DEDICATED!


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