A Reflection

One of my favorite things about the Biggest Winners Program is the support system that we have with the other participants. Yes the trainers are all there for us, but knowing that we have others going through the same journey is so encouraging. We have a private group on facebook where we post positive comments to each other, keep track of how we're doing and overall just bond. One of the other participants posted a journaling exercise that she had done and I followed suite. Here it goes...

1. What is my primary weight loss/fitness/body change goal?
My primary weight loss goal is to lose 200 lbs in total. My fitness goal is to run a 1/2 marathon. My body change goal is to be able to confidently walk into a "regular" store and be able to buy anything I want and know that they will have a size that fits me.

2. What are my top motivations for pursuing this goal?
To have children, to be able to teach healthy habits to them and lead by example.

3. What are my biggest areas of resistance to pursing this goal?
Feeling like I don't have enough time to do the things I want sometimes. Other times I realize that I have lots of time and that I love working out because of how great it makes me feel after. Sometimes I feel resistance in continuing from people who don't know my journey because I have to say no to alot of things and some people will get offended to that. I just have to remember that I am not responsible for how they feel, I have to do what is best for me and saying no to those donuts is what is best for me. One is not just one when it comes to donuts.

4. What do I feel when I think about taking the steps required to achieve this goal?
At this stage I know I can achieve it. Sometimes I feel frustrated that I am putting in so much work but the results are slowing down. I know that this is just the way it goes, but I also know that I will get there. I just try and overcome the feeling of frustration by rewarding myself.

5. What do I feel when I think about the possibility of actually obtaining this goal?
I feel excited that I will actually just fit in with all my friends, I won't feel like i'm different anymore. I'm excited to be able to still have a health focused life, but be able to focus on other things as well.

6. What do I feel when I imagine my body after obtaining my goal?
I feel happy that I am "normal" - but then I think really who is defining "normal" - maybe I just feel happy that I actually succeeded at something, I followed through. I feel happy that I am not embarrassed about how I look.

7. How do I think 'me on they inside' will feel when I've achieved my goal?
I think I will feel the same as I feel right now, fit and healthy. I feel like i'm a fit and healthy person in a body with excess weight.

8. How would I feel if I were to abandon this goal all together and go on with previous

I would feel horrible, look at how much blood sweat and tears I put into this journey. It has been my whole life for the last three years. I would ask myself "Why am I going backwards?"

9. If someone sat me down and told me that there its no way I'll ever achieve my goal, how much or little would I agree with them right now?
I would 100% disagree. I am fully confident in my ability to achieve this goal, it may take me longer than I want it to take but IT WILL HAPPEN!

10. What now?
Now I just keep going, doing what i've been doing, adding new things, trying new things and being consistent.


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