A reward weekend

I'm home now after an incredible weekend away in Birch Bay with my friends Kristine and Gina. We stayed at Kristine's parents townhouse and it was absolutely perfect. The weather wasn't all that wonderful, it rained alot, but the shopping made up for it! I came in just under my $400 personal exemption allowance for duty free - i'm that good LOL. I have to say I made some good scores for that amount. I was able to come home today and throw out all my bras and underwear and replace them with ones that actually fit me. I also now have 3 bags of clothes ready for someone else to enjoy. It feels so good to go through your closet and just be able to say "that doesn't fit me and that doesn't fit me oh and that doesn't fit me".

I had some pretty amazing breakthroughs this weekend though. I bough a dress for our final Biggest Winner photos and it was a size 12!!! Probably grade 6 or 7 was the last time I fit into a size 12 anything. Here it is...

I need to find something colorful to wear with it though since i'll be wearing it with black leggings and black boots. Also, I went shopping at ALL the "normal" stores. I didn't even step food into Layne Bryant. I felt so NORMAL. I also didn't even fit into the biggest size in alot of the stores. It used to be a "put up with you can get" sort of shopping experience for me, now it's "whatever I want".

When it came to the food, vacationing used to be an excuse to eat bad. I was good all weekend, well as good as I could be based on the circumstances. I didn't get in all my 5-6 meals and could feel myself being hungry but I brought almonds and protein bars along with me and munched on those. I made due with my surroundings. I definitely didn't drink enough water though and could feel it. We ate out quite a bit but I ordered "clean", mostly chicken & veggies. Apparently they have never heard of whole wheat anything but I know how to make substitutions. The whole "food experience" this weekend made me realize just how strong I've become. I didn't even question myself when it came to turning down the hot fresh bread sticks at the table at nearly every meal. I knew that I was making a choice that was good for my body. I don't need bread to make me happy, good friends and shopping is good enough for me :). I did have wine and I admit I had some cheesies, but apart from that which was a pretty big splurge for me, I was completely on track and it feels great to know that I can do that without even second guessing myself. It was my conscious choice to eat the cheesies and drink the wine, but I CHOSE it and I don't feel guilty about it at all. The difference between this and the old me is that I would have ate the whole bag, this time it was only a few cheesies.

Now it's back to work and back to reality - well at least for another five days and then it's off to Harrison Hot Springs with my beautiful nieces.


Wendy said…
Fitting into everything in regular stores is so awesome. It makes clothing shopping so much more FUN!

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