The Canyon, my bootcamp headquarters!

I'm in the land of temptation, the city of sin, VEGAS BABY!! Which I love, I love Vegas and everything that goes along with it. Blackjack and Craps are my games. But other than gambling there is just so much to do here and so much to see. I was slightly worried about this trip and staying on track. Given I have only been here for 1 day but so far so good.

Finding a healthy meal in this city is like trying to find a needle in a haystack - seriously! Last night when I got in I walked the strip searching for a restaurant that looked relatively okay to go into but for the most part it was pretty much deep fried city everywhere. I settled for somewhere and ordered a salad but forgot about those extra things they add to salads that they neglect to put on the menu, ie. extra cheese and croutons oh and probably a whole bottle of dressing. So with my massive plate of salad that could feed like 3 people I picked around the croutons and bacon bits and ate as much of the salad that looked edible as I could.

Today was much better, John arrived late last night and we got up early this morning to head out to Hoover Dam and the Canyon. First stop Hoover Dam where we walked the dam and took some photos. Also did a bunch of stairs - yes Lovisa I did singles and doubles!! Grabbed a bite to eat in the cafe which again was an expedition in finding something healthy, turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread without any condiments and a fruit salad. Not really appetizing or good but the best I could do with what they offered.

Next stop Grand Canyon! So I was slightly surprised to find out that it was going to cost us $100 for both of us to do a self guided tour and walk around; however, at the end of the day I have to say it was worth every penny. We were there for a good 4 hours at different locations. So I fit in my workout for the day while many other tourists laughed at me, I think they just thought I was insane but whatever it was kinda funny.

Now that i've completed one full day in Vegas without giving into really any temptations, well apart from the glass of wine im drinking, I have to say that's pretty good. Wonder what my odds are of this happening every day...


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