Day 1 Again

Today was day 1 all over again. That is day 1 of another Biggest Winner session - everyone was revamped and ready to go to meet some big goals. It was great to see another set of new people in the group, though everyone looked a little stunned at the level of commitment that is expected.

Speaking to the new people - trust me the reward from this commitment is something that I wouldn't give up for anything and at the end of 12 weeks you will be so grateful that you did this. It's not easy, it requires preparation and thought and a willingness to give up time where you may have enjoyed other things. But you will learn to love the feeling of being in control of your food and your life that it will become second nature to you.

Today was prep day - I haven't "prepped" in the last couple weeks because I've been away for a few weekends and busy so I haven't been organized during the week like I like to be. I did a costco shop, grabbed some veggies for the week and the other little odds and ends. Then it was home to make spinach dip, tuna, ground turkey with veggies and chicken wings. All of coarse clean proteins - and the wings are not real wings they are chicken thighs. I would normally want to use chicken breast since that's leaner but chicken thighs is what was in my freezer and i'm trying to use it all up. My general prep plan for most weeks is to make my proteins and then I just add veggies to those for each meal.

My treat was my dinner which was protein pancakes - normally it's no complex carbs after 4PM for me but given I had a big workout this morning and was pretty much go go go all day I let it slide today. Nicki, a fellow Biggest Winner participant, gave me this recipe that is so simple that it makes me want to make pancakes for every meal. Protein pancakes are 1/3 cup cottage cheese, 1/3 cup oatmeal and 1/3 cup egg whites blended to make the batter - so just 1 part of each so you can make as much as you want. That is the base of the pancake then you can add whatever you want. I added cinnamon and then put 1 tbsp of natural peanut butter on top and some blackberries. But really you could put on it whatever you like. It seriously feels like i'm cheating eating these but i'm not which is the best part!!

I'm looking forward to session number 4 for me being one where I get very close to my final goal. I had initially set my goal for this session to be 34 lbs which is how much more weight I need to lose to get to my 200 lb lost mark. But I realize that is a bit of a stretch considering i'm coming to the end and don't have that much more to go. So i've revised my goal to be 25 lbs. 25 lbs will put me at 169, I will be in the 160's which will be huge. That is at least 2 lbs per week that I need to lose and that is feasible, what it means is I have to be 100% on track with my food though and be prepared week to week. I have to commit my Sundays to planning and preparing.

So here are my intentions for session #4:

1. I will do a minimum of 7 workouts per week. For the most part I do more as I double up on a lot of classes, but a minimum of 7.
2. I will drink 3 liters of water each and every day. I do this already, but it is a continuing that that must remain on my radar.
3. I will eat clean at every meal. Perhaps there will be a "rogue" meal or two in Vegas - but I will do my best to be completely on track.
4. I will be prepared every week for my meals and ensure I have healthy food options on hand

So what are your intentions? Whether you are in the Biggest Winners program or not, think about what your intentions are? Maybe 12 weeks is too big a span, but what about this next week. Can you commit to making one small change? Maybe this means walking up the stairs at work instead of taking the elevator, or saying no to the Tim Hortons in the lunch room, whatever it is set your intention. It will feel so good when you make it through the week and you have fulfilled your commitment.

Remember this: "There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs"


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