My Summertime Bucket List

LONG WEEKEND!! So excited for 4 days off, today i'm working a 1/2 day since i'm going to the doctor this morning. This week was the first week in the change of my flex schedule, i'm working 7AM to 5PM and taking an 1:15 for lunch. I went to the hustle on Monday and cardio burnout on Tuesday, yesterday Sarah and I did a run at lunch and then I also ran after work with Christa. Today I will try to make it to lunch time class but it will depend on the timing of my doctor's appointment. The day at work is pretty long, and i'm still getting used to it, but in the end it's totally worth it.

So I still have my goals, they are a work in progress and continually evolving, but apart from that I have a "bucket list" that i'd like to share with all of you. Well, let's say these are the fun things I want to do in the next few months so open for anyone who wants to join me in my adventure.

The list...

#1: Go to Wild Play and complete the Monkido course
#2: Go Ziplining again at Adrenaline
#3: Rent Kayaks
#4: Day trip to Vancouver to complete the Grouse Grind
#5: Day trip to Vancouver and go to Playland
#6: Go tubing up at Lake Cowichan
#7: Go hiking a few times: Mt. Work, Mt. Wells, Mt Finlayson, Mt. Doug or any other reachable places around the island
#8: Run around Thetis Lake and swim to the island as a cool off
#9: Ride my bike for some short day trips around Victoria
#10: After work BBQ`s & badminton/bocce at Willows Beach
#11: Do the indoor climbing at Craig X Climbing Gym

Any takers?? Who wants to join me any my summer adventures?? I`d love to get a big group of people to do the ziplining and the wild play - obviously different days - but if you`re interested the let me know so I can plan it. Also a few people to do the Vancouver day trips will make the cost pretty minimal for the ferry.

Hope everyone has a healthy, active and relaxing weekend. Yes active and relaxing were in the same sentence and for me go together quite well.


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