Make a Plan...Sign a Contract

Yesterday we finished off our last Biggest Winners session with a hike up Mt. Finlayson and potluck style lunch. What a gorgeous day for it, and a wonderful turnout. And you know it wouldn't be a hike without a plank right?? Even conned Christa into doing it with me :)

We went up the front side, rock face and all, of Finlayson then down the back side and along the road. Then since it was so much fun we went up again to the rock face in search of some other's. So needless to say I was EXHAUSTED at the end of that - 3 hours of hiking!

Today was the start of another session of which I am only attending Sunday's. I think im going through withdrawals already and I haven't even missed a class, LOL. So many new faces is wonderful to see and it will make for an amazing session. Since I will only be there once a week that means it is up to me to really be accountable to my goal. I must be focused and 100% on track. My goal is to be in the 160's - which means 20 lbs. Doable, but difficult, but you know me I like a challenge. So how am I going to do it? Well # 1 I make a plan and #2 I make a contract to keep that plan.


I, Brianna Westhaver, Hereby commit to living a healthy lifestyle.
I take full responsibility for my health and my weight loss process. I will not blame anyone - including myself - for my weight issues.
I realize that this process will not always be easy, but I am willing to do my absolute best.
I relinquish all excuses and explanations. I realize they do not matter.
I will devote time each week to preparing my food.
I will make a workout plan every week and stick to it.
I will ask for help if I am struggling.
I will say no to the foods that do not fuel me.
I will lose 20 pounds by September 31st, 2011.
I will do all of the above, because: I want to prove to myself I can do it, I want to reach my long term goal,and I want to feel proud of myself for doing this.
Brianna Westhaver
July 3, 2011

As I've said so many times before, losing weight is about being prepared and being accountable to yourself. I encourage everyone to make a contract/commitment for themselves, weather it is just over the course of one week, one month or longer. Whatever timeline works for you. Make a plan, sign a contract, and keep yourself accountable because no one else can do this for you.


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