Summer Bucket List: Kayaking

Just wanted to update you on my awesome last weekend, before I have another epic weekend to blog about. Another item to check off the bucket list for the summer, kayaking. But before I did that I had to get my long run in. Christa, John and I ran 12K and changed it up by doing 10 & 1s, basically 10 minutes of running then 1 minute of power walking. We did the 12K in 1:19 which I was super impressed with, right on track for my 1/2 marathon training. Then it was a quick breakfast at Starbucks and on to face my fear.

Here is John and I just before we enter the kayaks. I may look happy but i'm masking some serious fear. I've been scared for a long time to go kayaking, but have really wanted to try it. I can swim, and i'm confident in the water, but am freaked out by open water. I hate not knowing what is beneath me!! Yah yah I know, just fish and plants right? Well not what my head is telling me in the moment - I've seen those movies! So basically I have been really scared of flipping over in the kayak and thought that I was just too big to do it. I've been in canoes and gotten so scared and had panic attacks. I've been in canoes with people who tell me that it's just unstable because i'm overweight, so it's that whole connection between holding onto that feeling that I am "different" and because of that it scares me.

Nicki, her husband Brian and son Gavin joined us for our adventure. They made it fun and well honestly not as stressful of an experience than I had imagined. Even though I was still out there in the water having internal freak outs about flipping.

We rented a double kayak from Ocean River Sports on store street. I have to say all the staff were amazing and they guys helping us with the kayaks made me feel at ease by explaining everything. We took our two boats out to the gorge and back. The price was really reasonable and I would definitely do it again.

We finished off out lovely morning with lunch at Canoe Club including some delicious fish tacos. The boys ordered all the "bad" food of coarse :P.

John and I went downtown after and walked around to check out all the buskers who were in town for the buskers festival. I think I got way too much sun, and was so tired, but my day was not over. We had tickets to see Rob Schneider at 9PM that night. I think he was funny?? well I can only gather that from the laughter I heard while I drifted in and out of sleep in the theatre, well I was listening to my body at least! 12K run + 1.5hr Kayak + 3 hours of walking = lots and lots of sun. I had a great sleep that night!!

So now only 1 more day of work then I get a weekend again which will include another run, a couple BBQs, Zip lining and Bootcamp.


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