I am ME

Let me introduce you to ME..Well most of you know me, but I wanted to reflect and journal who I feel I am presently: happy, excited and alive. Such a unique place to be, to feel so content in who I am.

I am unique and the only me, in all the world I am the only me.
I give 110% in life.
I believe in taking responsibility for my choices, therefore I own every decision I make.
I own my successes and my failures and believe that every success and failure is an opportunity to learn and grow.
I believe I have the power to change the direction of my life.
I believe I can accomplish anything and everything I set my mind to.
I own my body and take responsibility for being kind and nourishing to it; healthy foods and an active lifestyle.
I use the words "I can't" to prove my commitment: I can't stop, quit, give up, let the pain get the best of me, be lazy, or let others down.
I like to win, I am competitive but am a good sport at the same time. Mostly I am competitive with myself.
I own my feelings, good or bad, I recognize they have a place and a purpose.
I am a people pleaser, I want to make sure everyone is taken care of.
I am passionate about helping people achieve their goals and it disheartens me when I see people give up before they even begin.
I like to have fun and try new things.
I love my life and honestly wouldn't trade places with anyone.

"I don't want to get to the end of my life and find that I just lived the length of it. I want to have lived the width of it as well" - Diane Akerman

Take me or leave me, this is me. Who are you? What do you project to the world? I hope that who I believe I am is what I project.


melissa said…
Hey Brianna,
I've just spent a chunk of time catching up on your blog. Thank you for writing it. We never really connected in class, but I have a huge amount of admiration and respect for what you've accomplished and how open and transparent you are about the process. I've been pretty awesome at holding back from fully committing, but seeing how incredibly far you've come and how you're embracing life and what you're capable of doing now is a bit of a needed kick in the butt.

And really, my lord, not that it's all about how one looks, but you really do look amazing. I hadn't seen you in a loooong time, and when I saw you yesterday I was stunned. The transformation you've achieved has given me hope, and I thank you for that.

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