I cannot...but I can

I've been a bit frustrated and overwhelmed with everything this last week. Since running the 1/2 marathon a week ago today I have had alot going on. I wrote my first midterm on Wednesday, I was immersed in a brand new job feeling lost and without support, being overwhelmed with keeping up with my life and now i'm injured and frustrated with my lack of mobility. Even though all of this was going on I still knew that what was best for me was to make it to my workouts, even if I couldn't be 100%, it always is best for me to be there with my constant group of supportive people. I think also its this change in weather the last week, it seems to have drastically gotten colder. I've tried very hard this week to just be on track with my food as much as possible, knowing that the intensity level of my workouts would be minimal, and i've done relatively okay with this, not super, but okay. I was happy that I maintained at this week's weigh in. You would think that running 21 KM would make you lose weight, but really it didn't, I was up about 4 lbs after the race, so maintaining was a good thing for me this week. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow to get my knee checked out and just hoping he doesn't tell me that I need to stop running.

So with being a bit out of whack this week I was happy to have a bit of a wake up call this morning from Jen Ziebart of Empower Inquiry Life Designs. She came and talked to the Biggest Winners at the end of today's workout. It seems that I wasn't the only one struggling this week. Many people were very open about their struggles and excuses. What I took from this talk was that everything in life is based on a choice. You make a choice every day to wake up. You make a choice to eat healthy or not eat healthy. You make a choice to make your workout or make up your workout. It all comes back to YOU. We discussed, if you can't do something for some reason what CAN you do. Well right now I CAN'T run like I want to be able to but I CAN power walk or ride the bike, I CAN control what I put in my body and I CAN make it to the workouts. So instead of getting frustrated with myself that I can't run like I want to, I'm focusing on the fact that I can be in control of my food and nutrition. I'm focusing on not getting so frustrated with myself, being nicer to myself. Something Jen said that really hit home with me was "if your mother knew how you talked to yourself she wouldn't let you hang out with you". It's so true, we are our own worst critics most of the time. So this weeks focus will be #1 A+ nutrition and #2 what CAN I do?

Every time you find yourself saying "I can't do ____" make sure you finish that sentence with "but I can do ____". Make a list for the week on your "cannot's" and plan on what you are doing instead, write a "can" list.


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