Getting Crafty

I have to say even though I have been extremely frustrated with my lack of workouts I felt good about my week. I felt in control of my food again, my emotions, myself. When I feel like that then I know that I can make good choices. Now the key is to keep myself in this good place.

I have not been participating in Biggest Winners which has been very frustrating for me to not be there and have that support, though I know that i'm doing what is best for me. This past week I did personal training, still at BDHQ, but only 30 minute sessions and solely strength focused. I can't do any exercise that involves my legs which makes it very difficult, so no biking, walking, running. Obviously I can't NOT walk, but I have to limit that. It's amazing how creative the trainers can get when you have limitations, i'm extremely grateful for being given the option to participate in personal training. I know without it I would not be on track.

I am still going on Sunday to weigh in and stay accountable. I actually ended up losing 4 lbs at last Sunday's weigh in and this week 2.6 lbs. It's almost like the lack of exercise or the limited exercise is allowing my body to catch up. Seeing the progress and the number change is keeping me motivated to stay on track. I've been really focused with my food and not eating late at night. I've been making sure I get 3-4 meals with veggies in them and 1-2 with fruit. But the key has been saying NO about five times per day at work to the constant food. Only ONE is not an option, it is NONE!

Yesterday we did vision boards again, my favorite :) getting to be crafty! I'm trying to make it my new outlet, in place of exercise since that's not happening every day. I have some ideas in the work, secret ideas though ;). Here is my latest vision board...

It's more of a WHY board than a vision board. I made it my reasons why I do this and why I continue to do this and it is hanging right at my front door so I see it every day I walk out the door. If you can't read the image here are my reasons WHY:

*do it for the ones that said you couldn't
*because you are stronger than your excuses
*to never have to take another "before" picture
*to be an inspiration to others
*the feeling of being normal
*to be sexy and know it
*the gap between your thighs
*to be strong, happy and alive
*to prove you are capable
*to finish what you started
*do it because YOU CAN

I stole some pictures from my new obsession - Pintrest. Molly also made an awesome vision board taking some awesome quotes from Pintrest as well.

Now to keep engaged and crafty and away from Christmas food/candy/crap is the key for the month of December. Stay tuned for my next project.


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