Close of Christmas

Christmas is over, food coma's have nearly passed, and we all start preparing to ring in 2012. I have had a wonderful holiday season so far. Last week we went tubing up at Mt. Washington with Maddison and Annabelle. It was a long drive up but well worth it. You can get amazing speed going down that hill! For me Christmas isn't about the presents, it's about creating moments and memories. Here are the four of us at the mountain

Even though tubing isn't exactly physically exhausting, doing this would not have even been on my agenda prior to losing weight. That is one thing I noticed about this year in particular, even though I take a "break" from being focused on my food 100% during the few days of Christmas, this year I didn't stuff my face just because I was on a "break". I still kept my portions under control, yet allowed the indulgences. Health is life, and just like life you cannot be 100% all the time and this time of year is a time where I allow the indulgences, but don't allow the over indulgences. I had one plate of Christmas dinner, and not an overflowing plate, and my contribution was dessert which was black bean brownies and frozen yogurt. Even the kids didn't know that there were beans in their dessert ;).

As with food, we also tried not to overindulge on the spending though im not as good with that one. We did a gift exchange with my family so we only had to buy for one person each and then contribute stocking stuffers. This is where my crafts came into play. I made motivational magnets for all the girls

It's kind of hard to see with the glare of the photo but the sayings are:

"You are stronger than your excues"
"celebrate who you are"
"Make a new ending"
"Strive for progress, not perfection"
"Do what makes you happy"
"Belive it Be It"
"Ever Day JUST DO IT"
"Redefine the impossible"
"Doubt your Doubts"
"Muscles are built by effort not excuses"
"Strong is the new beautiful"

I packed up some holiday tea and put that in the stockings along with holiday coffee and a travel mug for the boys. All I can say is next year I should start earlier, procrastination doesn't work well! This will have to be a goal for the new year I think. I still have a couple more days to think about what I want 2012 to look like and what my resolutions/goals will be. For now i'm going to enjoy the next few days of relax and get ready for my birthday dinner tonight.


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