Reverb 2011 - Day 3 A Moment in Time

New hair cut - thanks Wendy :)....Eye brows threaded....Eye lashes tinted, I feel pretty oh so pretty oh and NEW coat as well from the Bay, and bonus IT WAS A SMALL!! yes you heard me A SMALL and on sale.. can this weekend get any better?

And now Day 3 of reverb

A Moment in Time
Tell us about one moment that you lived in 2011 that you will never forget.

The day I weighed in at 199 I will never forget. That moment was a moment I had fought for for a long time and at times a moment I thought would never come. I remember I avoided weighing in all week at home because I knew how close I was to seeing it, I waited until Sunday morning to weigh in at the studio and saw the number. It was a huge flood of emotions that had built up for so long, it was achieving something that really seemed so far away. Especially at 360 lbs, the thought of weighing one hundred and anything seemed impossible, but then it was there, all that hard work paying off. I remember I had a shift at that point from caring about the number to not really caring anymore and just focusing on my health. Once I could say I weighed one hundred and something then to me the rest didn't matter. I will never forget it, and I think that is a good thing because it keeps me motivated to maintain where I am and never go back.


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