21 Day Challenge Check In

Last week I made a commitment to a 21 day plan, a plan that was designed to get me back into the right head space of feeling focused to reach my goal. I am happy to report today I have followed this plan to the letter all week long and am down 4 lbs and 2% body fat, broke my "plateau". I say "plateau" because really it wasn't a plateau it was my own head not wanting to commit. I've been on many true plateaus in this over four year journey, and I know that for every one of them what it required was to change things up. This was certainly the change up I needed and I am happy to report I feel completely focused now, focused on the rest of this month and getting into the 160's, just that much closer to my 200 lb loss goal.

I'm grateful for everyone who is joining me in this commitment of refocusing for 21 days, I think its such a positive thing to do this knowing that there are others doing the same thing. This week I went to three yoga classes at Moksha as well and have to say I am starting to enjoy it more and more. I had done Bikrams a few times, through the multiple groupons I bought, but Moksha is nice because its not the exact same workout every time. I went Friday night and I am sill soar from that workout. I was missing that feeling of being soar, I haven't felt it in months, and I definitely felt it Friday night...in fact im pretty sure that's the reason i'm still sore. I think it is a nice balance with all the workouts I do at BDHQ to include some yoga and I know it is beneficial for my knee/IT band to get those necessary stretches in.

A big reason I know that i'm feeling more focused and no longer "faking it" is my ability to say no to temptations is stronger. We went to a pot luck last night, I brought a huge salad with tons of veggies and low fat dressing on the side. There were plenty of temptations presented including people offering food to me but I was able to say "No thank you I am choosing not to have that". I ate 2 plates of salad and home made falafels that someone had brought. I drank Perrier, had no alcohol, and left the night feeling very proud of my ability to turn it all down. It absolutely makes me confident getting on the scale the next morning knowing I did everything I could possibly do this week to be successful. Next week I plan to be in the same place, but I know it will be even more challenging as I am going away next weekend to Mt. Washington. It wont be just one night of temptations it will be an entire weekend of people drinking, eating bad food, and a constant internal battle to be strong and remind myself that my long term goals are more important than the short term pleasure of the food.


Susie said…
Thank you for being so honest and sharing it with the world. I have fallen of my "health and fitness" wagon and am barely hanging onto the "happiness and commitment" wagon. I am inspired by your 21 day challenge, and am going to take some time today to work out one of my own. SCARY!
Jacquelin said…
So glad you started this challenge - just what I needed! And big congrats to you for breaking through the mental plateau - you are a great role model!!!

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