Faking It

Ups and downs...highs and lows...good and bad...these all define experiences that make up this health journey. Some days are spectacular, and others I just want to throw in the towel. I get asked often, how do you keep going when you are feeling that way, when you feel just like giving up? How do you push yourself outside of that comfort zone of feeling sorry for yourself, and feeling like you will never change?

This may sound ridiculous, but honestly it works, it's the theory of "fake it til you make it". I've heard it takes 21 days to form a habit, and in doing so what are we really doing? we are doing thing that aren't habit, things that you have to put a lot of thought and effort into to create the habit, the same goes for this health journey. When you fall off the wagon of positive attitude and commitment, you got to get yourself back there somehow without hitchhiking back to the land of the old you. Here's how my fake it til you make it plan goes.

#1: Recognize that you require the plan.
#2: Commit to 21 days of "faking it"
#3: Write out your plan, be accountable to a partner/group
#4: Allow yourself to forgive and move on

#1 - I NEED this plan, I have been teetering for far too long and allowing myself to make excuses like "well i'm injured so I don't expect to see results" - well i'm going to call myself out - that is BS, absolutely just an excuse. I can do this, Its 90% what food i'm putting in my mouth and only 10% workouts.

#2 - Right now, I am committing to the next 21 days of the plan - i'm committing to all of you so call me on it if i'm not doing it.

#3 - Here is my plan: 21 days = 21 workouts, a minimum of 5 meals per day of which 4 have vegetables in them, 4 litres of water per day, no meals after 8PM and take my vitamins every day.

#4 - I forgive myself for my poor food choices over the last month; I forgive myself for having this injury and am choosing to no longer let it be an excuse for not seeing a change.

So that's my plan, for anyone else whose been there or is there, join me on this 21 day commitment, let's get back to that place of being "in the game" feel back in that wonderful head space of being alive with energy. Thanks to my accountability partner Raeleen for kicking my butt into gear and getting me back on the right track. I wasn't hitchhiking back to the land of old Brianna quite yet but I was certainly walking slowly that way. Now I've turned around and am heading back to the station, ready to get back on board... Who's with me??


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