Mt Washington Weekend

Friday we left for Mt. Washington to celebrate a friends 30th birthday. A bunch of us went in on renting a huge chalet for the weekend, it was gorgeous. To be honest I had actually been stressing out about going for the last couple weeks. After starting this 21 day challenge, which by the way I am on day 15 of, I had found a new focus in my eating and was making progress. I knew that if I was to give into temptations then I would be setting myself back in a huge way. I had finally started to progress on the scale, and feel progress in my attitude towards food again. I was honestly worrying about going away, and part of me didn't even want to go because I didn't want to be sabotaged. But I know that's no way to live my life, in fear of leaving my "safe" environment because I may lose control. I know I have to be confident in my ability to say no, which I am; however, I just haven't been a good example of that in the last few months.

I was determined that this weekend I was going to be on track, so I made a plan. Everyone was chipping in and buying communal food and making communal dinners. I decided that I was going to meal plan my own meals, bring my own food, and control my environment. I told my friends my plan, and I told them that I was not drinking. They were very supportive of my decision, but a part of me was still scared that once the alcohol stated to flow then the peer pressure would start. I have to say I have some pretty awesome friends because not only did none of them peer pressure me, they were fully supportive of my decision to follow my own plan. I even had one friend tell me how proud they were of me for sticking to the plan. I am proud of myself, I followed my eating plan to the letter, I chose one indulgence for the entire weekend which was a bag of brown rice salsa chips I drank all my water, had no birthday cupcakes and had no booze. I also had an incredible workout show shoeing on Saturday for a full 6.5 KM where at least 2 of that was fully up a mountain. I was sweating like I had just done an intense BDHQ workout. Kristen and I were channeling our trainers to push us up the hill ;).

This is us at the top...

I'm incredibly proud of myself for getting through this weekend with my sanity intact. Food does not equal fun, being around amazing and supportive people is what makes a weekend fun.


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