Celebrating Accomplishments

What an amazing day for the TC10K today, cool and brisk = perfect running weather. For me, an amazing day because I was actually going to RUN!! For those that have been following me, you know I have battled an injury since my half marathon in October, I have battled frustration and tears and pain so to even be participating today was huge for me. I finally found an amazing health professional who literally seemed to fix me overnight, and now I actually feel like i'm on the road to recovery (thank you Cedar Hill Sports Therapy Clinic and the amazing Day Deans-Buchanan)... I see a LOT more running in my future!

With some fabulous cheer leaders by our sides we started out strong. A lot of TC10K virgins ready to accomplish an amazing feet. Only a couple months ago Molly began running after being out with an injury, now she was taking on one of the biggest challenges of her weight loss journey. So very proud of you girl. We went into the race with a plan, running 4 and 1s, and it worked well. Flora and I went ahead, ran at her pace, and made it across the finish line in 1:23, next year SUB60! Big shout outs to Flora, Molly and Maelene for making it across the finish line - you girls rock. A huge high five to Raeleen for running the 10K in 56 mins and Aidan for making it across the finish line. I'm so proud of everyone for the accomplishment, now its time to celebrate! All fed up with yummy breaky at Oak Bay Bistro then a nice long shower/bath, stretch and rest.

Running the TC10K, weather you are doing it for the first time or the tenth time, is a motivating experience. Take a moment to celebrate what you accomplished today, many set personal bests, others crossed the finish line without "dying", others found new strength that they didn't know existed. For all the participates, take a moment today to recognize what you accomplished. It's something that many of us lack, taking that breath, that moment to step back and truly recognize how amazing each and every one of us is.


Cher said…
I first saw you in the Xweighted website, and decided to read your blog. I am so glad I checked it out! I too am trying to run, and I'm working my way up to run 5 k. I am currently taking a learn to run course through our local running club. You've accomplished great things, and are an inspiration to me! Congratulations on your race and to many more in the future! :)

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