Week One BW Spring Session

Week one of our new session of Biggest Winners is done. Some people saw some awesome numbers as they started full force, others not so much. I maintained, that's ok for me, I was focused with my food this week apart from a couple days where I didn't eat enough. I'm still recovering from a cold, with limited energy this last week, not that it's any excuse, it was just my reality.

A big focus this week for most people is getting on track with food. for those new to the program it's really about learning the new way of eating, eating clean. It can be very overwhelming to start a new exercise regime and also change your eating habits. I did a post a few months ago about where to start so I won't regurgitate the same information, but for those looking for a step by step please take a look at my post titled Where do you start?. The biggest tip I can give anyone is to start simple and work up from there. Learn the principles, read the Eat Clean Diet book, commit to the process and then be creative. Before long it will just feel like your life, and not so hard.

My personal excitement for the week was finding out I was featured on the Eat Clean Diet website as one of their success stories. The best part of it was reading some of the comments from people I don't even know. Being able to inspire someone else to make good choices is so important to me. It's important because I know exactly what it is like to feel like you have no hope and will never have that healthy body.

My second excitement was going for a very short run on Friday, well a run/walk, but none the less doing it without excruciating pain. Nicki and I did about 3K of run/walk at the lakes on Friday. I'm just focusing on being really patient with myself, listening to my body, and not getting frustrated. I have stopped the physio for the mean time as it was getting very pricey, but am continuing with all the stretches and rolling with a foam roller. The injury has defiantly improved, but not back to where I was, it will take time.

Hope everyone has a focused and successful Easter long weekend. Right now I have no family in town, apart from hubby who is leaving Tuesday for work. So no Easter dinners to worry about. In order to avoid all the Easter candy in the store I have allowed myself one Lindt chocolate bar. Well it's a 90% caco dark chocolate bar, and I get the whole bar for the weekend, so I have to ration it. But that's my treat, the chocolate is defiantly not sweet, but it kills that craving for me.

I still have tomorrow off work, will be going to outdoor bootcamp at BDHQ at 9AM and then it will be a day of getting organized for the rest of the week. My intention for this week is to make it to a workout every day, with Friday being my rest day, and of coarse staying on track with food and water. What is your intention? How will you make this week great? How will you feel about yourself come next week if you don't fulfill your intention?


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