Doing it for Twigg

I'm struggling to find the words to write right now. I came home Sunday from an amazing vacation in Orlando expecting to update everyone one what a fabulous time I had but those words and thoughts seem so unimportant right now. Hearing the news that an amazing woman has been diagnosed with breast cancer was shocking and scary. Michelle Twigg is the definition of health, she leads by example, is a BDHQ ambassador, and all around just one fabulous woman who I have had the privilege to get to know over my time at BDHQ. Along with being an ambassador, Michelle also is a run leader for BDHQ Run Club and supported many of the Biggest Winners in reaching some great running goals. When I look at Michelle I see a strong woman, I see a compassionate and caring friend and someone who loves life. Michelle defines what BDHQ is all about, supporting the community around you by working together.

I had to step back over the last couple days after absorbing this news and realize that I need to put some things in perspective. I have struggled for the last year to find focus to really get to my final goal weight. I have maintained within a 5lb range, but have not got myself to that 200 lb mark. I was reminded this week that sometimes it's easier to look outside ourselves to find motivation instead of focusing on our own "stuff". And that is very true, especially for people who are so accustom to putting others needs ahead of their own (their kids, husbands, friends etc.). That is often an excuse people make, "I can't workout because I have to take my kids to do X or Y" or "I can't eat healthy because my kids don't like the food". In those statements you are focusing on other people's needs, you are allowing other people to enable your excuses, so why not allow those other people to be your reason? Focus on helping your friend/family/kids instead of your own "stuff", do it for them instead of for you.

This means for me, and many others, to DO IT FOR TWIGG. Let's honour her struggle by honouring our own health, be kind to our bodies, our spirits and our souls. Let's all show Michelle how her incredible strength gives us the motivation to win our own battles, no matter how big or small they are. Nicki came up with a generous idea of donating $1 for every pound our Biggest Winner group loses over the next four weeks to the Terry Fox Foundation so we all plan on losing big and DOING IT FOR TWIGG!! I have agreed to match Nicki's donation along with BDHQ, Lovisa, Emily, Tricia, Jes and James. So who else is willing to step up and donate? It's for an amazing cause and an incredible woman.

Need some more motivation? Watch these videos and look at the outpouring of support she has...there is no doubt she is going to beat this!


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