Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You

Pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zones is a huge part of being successful on not only a weight loss journey but life in general. Maybe thats just making the choice to start your journey, or maybe its making the choice to recommit to your journey. Whatever it is there are multiple parts of those scenarious that are scary. You face lots of change, emotions, and new and exciting experiences good and bad. But that is how we grow.

When I couldn't fit anything at Lulu Lemon I made my first purchase one of their posters. The poster they have up in the store all the time, their mantra. One of the quotes on that mantra is "do one thing every day that scares you". This poster still hangs in my bedroom and I look at it every morning and every night. That quote really makes me think that I should be pushing myself outside of my comfort zone more often. I'm guilty of getting stuck in routine, of not wanting to change because it's scary to face the unknown. In the last 21 day challenge we all committed to doing just one thing that scares us, not 21 things, just one. For me that was having boidoir photos taken..the funny thing is I wasn't scared to have someone see me in lingere, I was more scared to have all the attention on me, im not so good at that, but the photographer was awesome and she made me feel beautiful. Here is one of my favorite photos, PG version.

Jacqueline was brave enough to blog about her scary thing, which was admitting that she actually was scared to fail. Please check out her blog My Year of Transformation. I think that fear of failure is huge, it plays a big role in how some people let themselves get to be 20, 30, 50, 100 pounds overweight. You would think that the fear of being big would stop someone from eating, but really the fear of failure, of not being able to successfully lose weight, or stay in shape is overpowering and for many it is debilitating. So thank you jacqueline for having the courage to put yourself out there, I know so many can relate to this fear. Keep writing, im reading!

Emily put herself out there in a huge way, she agreed to go on a blind date - WOW now that's scary! Without going too deep into her story, because that is hers to tell (I see a guest blogger coming...), Emily overcame some tough relationship obsticles so going on this date was a huge step for her. Emily says "One date has luckily turned into a few, and I am so incredibly happy that I decided to put myself out there and do this. No matter what happens, I am challenging myself, learning and growing. I am also rediscovering who I am and where I stand. It is still scary every day, and I do worry that I could lose myself again, but I am finally actually living life – not hiding from it. I will make mistakes and I will fall, but I know that I will be able to pick myself up again, learn and move on." . Emily i'm so proud of you, you have come so far on your journey and you are a good friend.

Nicki, one of the most outspoken people I know, took a scary step for her and created a blog to document her family legacy as it relates to food. Well i,m not going to tell you about it, let Nicki tell you for herself. Please also check out her debut post on her new blog Failing home Ec.

So what does the next 21 days hold? Well, it's time to "refocus", chose one small thing that you are going to do to be successful in the next 3 weeks. For me it is all going to be food related. I am committing to drinking 3 litres of water every day and preparing my food in advance. These are simple things for me that I have incorporated so many times in my journey but I have seemed to be complacent with in the last few weeks. Who else is going to join in this 21 day refocus? What are you going to do to be successful?

“There is almost one time that is important - Now! It is the most important time because it is the only time when we have any power.”


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