Pursuing Your Passion

Many of you know I have been off work for the last couple weeks, I had surgery on June 11th to have a cyst removed from an ovary and fibroid removed from my uterus. The month of June has been very weird for me, I was away at a conference the beginning of the month so missed regular workouts, and then being off for surgery I haven't worked out since. This is the first time in over two years that I have gone longer than a few days without working out. It's amazing how much you really miss it. The feel of sweat dripping from your face, knowing you left it all out there, is one of the best forms of medicine. So being unable to do that, just like being unable to run consistently since my injury, has been both frustrating and challenging. But I remind myself daily to stay focused on my food and water, that is something I can control.

The one benefit of not working out is I have had lots of reflecting time. I suppose being told my job is going to be work force adjusted couldn't come at a better time because it gave me time to reflect on what i'm doing with my life. My job to me is a job, yes I love the people I work with, I love the work environment, but I don't love the job - its boring and is not challenging or engaging, its not my passion. My passion is health and fitness, my passion is helping people realize their potential and reach new limits, but putting that into a career, that i'm not sure on yet - coaching of some form I think. For now, it means I stay in a "job" and pursue my passion on the side until I can realize what I am truly supposed to be doing. I realize i'm not going to be presented with this opportunity, I need to create it and create my life. I'm beyond excited to take a book writing course next month, and am looking into the possibility of returning to school.

I'm also excited to start a new session of Biggest Winners on July 1st. We have a few new people joining us which will be great (PS its not too late!!). A new session means new goals, new focus, and another reset button. I hit that reset button every day, but its what I need to do right now on my journey to continue to be focused. Each day is unique, just because I ate to many carbs yesterday doesn't mean i'm going to overindulge today. In my last 21 day challenge I got back on track with my water, for now 21 day challenge is on hold, a small break until the next session starts, but I am still focused on eating clean and drinking water.

So what have I learned in all this reflecting? Pursue your passion, don't wait, do it now. Just like I told myself when I started this journey, even if progress is slow its better to start now then wait another year, month or day to reclaim your life. Realistically for me this means taking this course next month and putting whatever I learn into practice, who knows what opportunities will come up in the mean time. When you are open to the possibility of change its amazing how many opportunities become apparent to you that didn't appear to be there before. Ask yourself what your passion is, and are you creating opportunities in your life to pursue this? If not, are you truly happy? Maybe some reflecting of your own is in order.


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