Maintain Patience, Be Consistent

Another successful weigh in and week for many people, down another 3.8 lbs and inching closer back to my pre-surgery weight. But I have to say I feel absolutely more in control of my food than I have in a long time. Perhaps it's all the nice weather making me want to eat more salads? I'll go with that. Either way, I still have a ways to go, but that's ok.

This week, for me, has been one of the most challenging. I think I haven't gone one day without bursting into tears/feeling like it, in the last week. I will just say that alot of the "hard work" of weight loss has happened for me this week, along with some family stress. Alot that I just can't even write about right now, or go into, because it's still raw and fresh, but what I will say is that i'm pretty proud of myself for overcoming the continual emotional eating urge. I was proud to step on the scale this morning, knowing that I had been consistent all week.

We went to the Rock the Shores concert on Friday, gorgeous day, apart from the random thunderstorm that Victoria never gets. But the venue was awesome, and what I LOVED was that they allowed you to bring your own food in. We had a BBQ before we went, and ate chicken and salad, and then we had packed chopped veggies, hummus, oranges, water and nuts which sustained us for the rest of the night. This meant no hour long lines to get food, we just laid on the grass and enjoyed the concert, well until they stopped it for the thunder & lightning. I know that if I had bought food there, it would not have been a pretty sight on the scale this morning.

My intention for this week? Continue to maintain my patience with myself, allow my body healing time, and do my chiro/physio exercises a minimum of two times per day. With time and consistency I will get there. What is your intention for this week? How will you be successful?


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