Week One Update

Yesterday was the first weigh in of the summer session, some fantastic numbers. I was personally pleased to lose 4 lbs this last week, getting back closer to my pre-surgery weight. I know I was incredibly focused this last week, my food was 100%, I worked out every day and drank all my water. All I can feel is confidence when I step on the scale, regardless if the number shows it or not. That is one of the biggest lessons of weight loss, the number cannot define you, if you put in the effort and do the work the results will show.

After class we had a check in which involved writing our want list, an exercise we have done many times before but an important one. It's a great reflection tool to look back on these lists and see what we've accomplished. We also talked about the nutritional guidelines, with so many new people starting the program this session it is an important topic to cover. The food aspect is absolutely 80% of weight loss, and learning how to incorporate it into your life is difficult - especially for those that have never been taught anything about nutrition.

Before starting Biggest Winners (BW) I had done many "diets": low carb, isagenix, low calorie, low fat, cleanses. When starting BWs I realized that I would never be on a diet again, I would be learning a lifestyle and now two years later I can honestly say it is a lifestyle. I can honestly say I will eat this way for the rest of my life. I know how powerful my body feels when I feed it healthy foods. I know how in control I feel when I am eating clean, working out and drinking all my water. Yes you can lose weight by going low carb or super high protein or cleansing or following any of those other "fad diets" but can you sustain it? Nicki has a saying "if you can't maintain the weight by eating that way you have no business losing the weight that way" and this is absolutely true.

I know for some, learning this new lifestyle can be overwhelming, especially when also starting a new workout regime. It's alot of changes all at once. But the important thing is sticking to it, figuring out what works for your life and your family, and incorporating the nutritional guidelines. I highly recommend the Tosca Reno book "The Eat Clean Diet Recharged" or "Just the Rules", both lay out the guidelines in a super simple fashion. She also has written books geared towards family, women and men.

This summer session is all about "getting back to basics", following the guidelines of the program and the Eat Clean Diet and having lots of fun in the mean time. We had a challenge to drink all our water 7 days in a row, and almost everyone completed this, the winner (Chris) took home some great prizes, one which included the Tosca Reno book "Just the Rules".

This week's challenge is to have our two complex carb servings every day, and of coarse still maintain the 3L of water every day. Complex carbs can be found in alot of things, and affect weight loss if you eat too many of them. Complex carbs are things like bread, rice, grains, beans, hummus. Your serving size should be no bigger than the size of YOUR fist. My complex carbs are normally pancakes for one meal and hummus and veggies in another. I think this challenge will be far more difficult for people than they think, but its a challenge that makes you be very conscious of your food intake.

Looking forward to another committed week food wise and some more fantastic results on the scale next week.


Cindy said…
ooh i love that saying! and it's SO true!

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