My Life up to Now

Quick update for you on my life up to now. It has only been six days since my last post but I feel like I just packed about a month worth of living into these last six days

#1. I far exceeded my 500 word per day goal for writing, i'm at just over 5,000 words in the last six days. I'm almost done two whole chapters, crazy talk! Something I never expected to be doing is coming together very fast. Dreams becoming reality!

#2. Had my second swimming lesson at Gordon Head Recreation Centre with Michelle & Tricia. Making improvement, feeling stronger, and next week the teacher is putting together a masters swim class for the three of us. Of coarse the best part after is the hot tub though.

#3 I have been making good progress with my knee injury and been told i'm allowed to run for ten whole minutes every other day. This is huge progress for me, and I just have to keep being patient. I'm seeing improvement and that is what's important.

#4 We had our first every Biggest Winner Family Fun Day. Inclusive of past and present Biggest Winner participants. It was a gorgeous day at Mt. Doug playing soccer baseball, capture the flag and frisbee. No Family Fun Day is complete without a beautiful picnic and in true BDHQ style of coarse blood, sweat and tears. Looking forward to the next one.

#5 Had another amazing self discovery workshop. Really enjoying my new found friendships. It has helped me find a new confidence I never knew I had by having an incredibly safe place to share my inner thoughts and fears.

#6 Finished off our slo pitch season, which I unfortunately have been unable to play very much of due to my surgery. We had a tournament that went from Friday night to Sunday (today). We won two out of four games and made it into the semi-finals which were this afternoon. After one of the closest games we've ever played, that actually went into extra innings, Nicki scored our winning run to advance us to the finals. We were taken down by the top team in the division but I am so incredibly proud of how well our team played, some amazing plays. It was a ton of running for me, because I actually got on base a fair amount which was not my norm. At least we are allowed pinch runners so I just had to get myself to first base. Now it's rest and ice on my knee.

#7 On this day six years ago I married an amazing man who I am proud to call my husband. To celebrate our anniversary we spent the day at the ball field doing an activity we both enjoy. An activity I would never of imagined doing six years ago. Oh how our life has changed, and for the better.

Wow that is alot of stuff to pack into six days!! And bonus, I get to sleep in tomorrow.


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