Working Through My Frustration

I'm trying really hard not to get discouraged right now. I've been back to work, back to my routine, and had an awesome food week and lots of water. I went swimming on Tuesday with Jaylene, had a great workout. I'm really proud of both of us for showing up and doing it! Went to a Landmark session on Wednesday night. Was feeling totally on track emotionally and physically, was in my grove. Then by Thursday I was getting sick, so lethargic, and yucky, Friday afternoon my voice was going and by 7PM Friday night I was pretty much out to the world. I have spent the entire day today on my couch with no energy to move, a sore throat and inability to breathe normally. Also, I went to my regular chiro/physio appointment and now there is a possibility that my knee issue is stemming not only from my pronated feet but from a possible cyst behind my knee cap which is causing fluid build up. The fix would involve a surgeon draining the cyst if that is even possible and that might not even fix it. Looks like I have to go back for more tests.

Like I said, i'm trying to be positive, to not get frustrated, but i'm human too and sometimes I can only take so much. I am focusing right now on keeping on track food wise, especially while all i'm doing is lying here on the couch and watching TV. I know the cold will pass, and before long I will be back to workouts. I know that all I can continue to do is be patient with my body and do what the professionals are telling me to do. But I can't deny feeling frustrating, in fact i'm allowing myself to feel frustrated instead of ruining my diet. I'm allowing myself to feel my feelings with my outlet being writing them out instead of stuffing them in.

Tomorrow is the last workout for this most recent Biggest Winners session. Even though I can't be there right now, i'm focusing on being grateful for this amazing group of people, this community, that I am a part of. The people who have supported me in this journey and inspire me every day to not go backwards, even when I feel frustrated like I do right now. A support network is something that is extremely important in long term weight management. Without this, I don't think I would be able to maintain the weight range I am in right now. Look around you, who is your support network? Who do you turn to for inspiration when times get tough? Keep those people close, cherish those relationships, long-term your journey will be just a little bit smoother over those bumps in the road.


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