Thanksgiving Weekend

What an amazing and beautiful weekend it was here in Victoria. Thanksgiving weekend last year I was running the Good Life Victoria Half Marathon. This weekend I enjoyed two beautiful dinners, one at my Dad's and one at my in-laws. Kudos to the chefs! No pumpkin pie, indulged in two dark chocolates yesterday and today indulged in bread.

After today's dinner/lunch I had committed to going for a run/walk in preparation for my ultra sound tomorrow. In order to determine what is going on with my knee pain the doctor wants to run an ultra sound while my knee is inflamed. So today I was to go for a 5KM run, and again tomorrow right before the appointment. I tell you, after eating turkey at 2PM, the last thing I wanted to do was run 5KM, but I did. The weird thing is that I wasn't actually experiencing pain during the run, which is what has been happening every other time I run. This is awesome, but I don't trust that the pain wont come back yet, i've got to this place before of feeling better and then I go back to square one. I struggle with being in that place because I want so much to push myself, but I am terrified that if I do I will wind back up at the beginning and I have been working very hard these last couple months to re-hab it. Just taking it day by day though and see what the ultra sound brings.

But back to the theme of this weekend, giving thanks. There are so many things I have to be grateful for in my life.

#1: My family and friends who have supported me in this journey
#2: My health - my life is a total transformation from where I was just a few years ago.
#3: My will power - I was looking around at old photos and stumbled upon these. The photos make me incredibly grateful for my determination and strength in this journey.

#4: BDHQ and their support and dedication to their client's success
#5: My fitness buddies who get me going every day I just don't feel up to it
#6: The countless people I don't even know who have found strength from my journey, I am grateful that my experience has allowed you to find success

There are so many moments, people and experiences that I am grateful for. I am eternally grateful for everyone who reads and follows my blog and journey, it keeps me grounded and accountable. What are you grateful for in your life?


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