New Year New Session New Focus

Today was day one of another Biggest Winners Session. I do love a fresh session, there's just something about a brand new book. First day of school you get those fresh unmarked pages, and then about 2 weeks later they look - well you know...the writing got worse every day :). It's funny how it's like a fresh start with a new book and a new session, but really we get that fresh start every single day.

We talked about the spiral that happens with healthy living, an upwards or downwards spiral depending on the circumstance. One thing leads to another leads to another, 5 minutes later you've eaten half the peanut butter jar, 5 hours later the wine comes out and the next day more sugar. Before you know it it's been three day's and you're completely derailed, or perhaps in my case an entire month. The same can work in reverse with creating an upwards spiral. What about the possibility that you have an amazing, on track, day followed by another and another. We all KNOW that we feel amazing when we workout and eat clean. We all KNOW we feel crappy when we skip our workouts and go off track with eating. So since we all KNOW this why do we keep going off track? The unanswered question, the answer will be different for everyone. For me I know the sabotage comes from an internal struggle between wanting to get to my goal weight (that magic number) and wanting to not focus on the number at all (just be normal).

My commitments for this week are as follows:
1. 100% on track with nutritional guidelines including writing down everything that enters my mouth, no excuses
2. No eating after 8PM
3. 4L of water
4. 6 workouts (Sunday - BW, Monday - BW, Tuesday - Swim, Wednesday - Burnout, Thursday - Cardio Burnout, Saturday - Run)
5. Physio exercises every day

I spent two hours and prepped all my veggies (cut & packaged) and proteins for the week. I made a quinoa salad with some lovely infused olive oil from Olive the Senses, had it for dinner - so lovely, I will defiantly have to go back and check out their other flavors.

I feel in control of my week by just spending those extra two hours and am getting it done this week. What are your intentions this week? What will you do to move closer to your goals?


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