Yes Woman


That word has propelled me through this journey, it has put me on some amazing paths where I had to trust and learn to be with me. Now I say yes ALOT, actually I make it a point to say yes whenever possible because I know what can open up for me when I take risks. So in this space a couple weeks ago I went for my chiropractor appointment. My chiro has been trying to get me to come share my experience at a run club she is part of called Sole Sisters. In my epic wisdom this time I said "sure i'm willing to take this on"...I'm thinking I talk to 30 Biggest Winners at a time what's the difference? A couple days later I receive a call from the leader of the Sole Sisters to confirm the details of the speech. 20 minutes later, all the details worked out, I ask a question to confirm how many people she was expecting. The answer TWO HUNDRED!!! I think I must have sounded slightly scared in my response given she said "ummm is that ok?". As I was gathering my response I reminded myself of my stand, that everyone I touch is empowered to take on their life. Inside of that, my response was "YES, no problem, I can take that on"

Instantly after hanging up the phone though my gut started churning, I was thinking what have I agreed to do? Me, 200 people?? i'm not that "big" i'm not important enough to do that. That conversation hasn't gone away, and in spite of it, I am putting the conversation and the thoughts to the side and doing it anyway. In spite of a conversation going on in my head I am seeing past that to what is bigger than me, the people I can impact.

So what did I learn? Well, perhaps sometimes I should ask more questions before I agree to things....AND say yes anyway, in spite of what you think is logical, in the face of being afraid do it anyway. I've done a LOT of scary things these last twelve months, what is 200 people in the grand scheme of things?? My intention, speak from my heart, share my experiences and stand for every person who is listening to see themselves in something I say.


Cheryl said…
I used to be a Sole Sister - Mena always had the greatest guest speakers. I am sure that you did an awesome job and were extremely inspirational to everyone.
Bri Westhaver said…
Thx Cheryl.. It hasn't happened yet
Bri Westhaver said…
Thx Cheryl.. It hasn't happened yet
Hope1 said…
Brianna..I am one of the 200 sole sisters that had the privilege of hearing your story and I have been truely inspired by you! You have an incredible journey to share and good for you for finding the confidence to do so. I don't think you noticed the goose bumps on some of us listening, or the tears that came to our eyes as we thought about all that you had gone through. Your message is important and it's awesome that you are ready to help so many people that really need your encouragement.
Bless you Brianna, as you continue your amazing journey.
Anonymous said…
You did amazing! You certainly brought some tears to my eyes, and gave me a lot to think about. I'm glad you said "yes."

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