Presencing Your WHY

Tonight I got really present to how blessed I am to be given the opportunity to contribute to peoples lives. I led a session I created called Presencing Your WHY for Biggest Winners at BDHQ. First, being creative is something that has previously occurred very difficult for me. I had it like i'm not creative, I can only follow structure, and that people who don't follow structures are unprepared. Tonight I decided I was simply going to BE creative and go where my heart and my mind led me. I asked questions, got to the heart of the matter, and made a difference. Knowing that people walk away looking at things in a new way haves me left feeling like a true contribution.

I realize its been several weeks since I've posted any update on my life and where i'm at and for the people who read my blog consistently I apologize for my absence. I could give a whole bunch of reasons and excuses as to why I stopped writing, but they don't matter. Really, I just haven't made the time, I haven't made it a priority and in the process I have not been living the life I designed which is empowering people in their health. I want you to know that I am back, back to being vulnerable, back to sharing, and up to some big things in my life.

What really happened was I got up in front of 200 people and shared my story and it was terrifying and exciting at the same time, and then it was freeing. Then what happened was at the same time of being totally free from the anxiety this new fear crept in, this voice that said "don't get too big Bri, people aren't really interested" and slowly I started to withdraw, stopped sharing, hoped that people wouldn't notice my absence...the funny thing is they did....the even funnier thing is I was surprised at that!! So what did I learn about all of that? Well, when i'm willing to be a BIG person meaning sharing myself authentically and making a difference that I actually DO make a difference for people. Thank you to everyone who continues to support me on this journey of learning and creating the new Bri, I am the blessed one.


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