Put Yourself on the Line

I just arrived home this morning from another trip to San Francisco, this time it was the first weekend of a new leadership program with Landmark Worldwide. This time I am coaching the program, I am responsible for 10 people really getting who they are in this world. SOOOO Exciting!! What I really got out of this weekend for myself was how I can know myself to be a person of integrity and enrollment, to come from a place of enrolling others in what i'm up to, what is possible in this world and really what I am out to create for myself and others. I was given access to this on a whole new level. Lots of people think of enrollment as something to do to a person, like he is either enrolled in what I am saying or not, in fact enrollment is more a place to speak from. For me, enrollment is the willingness to put yourself on the line for what matters to you and really this isn't always comfortable, actually its generally not comfortable at all.

Last week I shared about how I had taken on stopping the dis-empowering conversation of diminishing myself and who I am. I really have taken this on, this includes having really vulnerable and scary conversations and speaking my heart. It included getting honest in some relationships where I haven't been willing to say what's been confronting for me, to protect the privacy of those I shared with I won't mention the details but let me just say I was really raw, real and spoke my heart. What that was like for me was one of the scariest things I've ever done, I don't want to hurt people, I don't want people to not like me, and in the process what has happened is I have been suppressed and diminished. Having these conversations were like experience my own courage at a whole other level, I got to be someone I haven't known myself to be. Now I know this is all general and broad and hard to grasp onto when i'm not giving specifics, but what I want you to know is that what I really really got is that in life when our heart speaks and our logical, mechanical, brain stops it the most empowering thing ever is to speak your own truth. What I got was that regardless of what the other people said in response to me speaking my heart, I got to know myself as someone who is truly vulnerable, brave and courageous. The difference that has made for me is that now I have access to so much more freedom in my conversations, not that there is zero fear in being straight with people, but that I know what's on the other side of being straight is so much more. What's on the other side of being straight is knowing myself to be someone who can ask for what matters to them.

What matters to you? What have you been afraid to ask for because it might put you at risk? Take a look, one conversation could alter your whole relationship to yourself.



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