Taking my Own Advice

It became very apparent to me this week that I need practice at taking my own advice. My last post was all about taking care of yourself first before helping others and that was the last thing I wanted to do. Friday morning I got up and went to class, even went to work and then realized I couldn't focus, still felt lethargic and faint and my voice was going. I left work and came home and slept pretty much all day. I continued to fight with myself that I was okay and better and I could get through it but really wasn't. Yesterday I spent the entire day on the couch and took care of myself even though all I wanted to do was go out and join the fun. Today I am on the mend, energy is coming back, voice is resting. I am LISTENING body, I got the message, rest! And even though what I really want to do is go out and enjoy life today, be outside, workout, what I AM doing is listening to my body and resting. My lovely friend Susie is even stopping by with some home made soup - THANK YOU.

Check in with yourself today, what are some messages your body has been sending you that you have been ignoring? Maybe you haven't been getting enough sleep? or enough water? what is it you really need to take care of your well being - only you can say.

On a side note, save the date - Saturday November 9th from 1PM to 3:30PM I will be at an incredible event called Balanced Mentality which is being hosted by Studio4 Athletics. I will be sharing my own journey which includes my own personal diagnosis of depression and how exercise, healthy eating and participating in BDHQ's Biggest Winners has transformed my experience of myself.


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