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Wow a Sunday evening all to myself, this has been lovely! I caught up on conference paperwork, emails, and now even an opportunity to write a blog post. I've been away from writing since mid-December, alot of it has to do with not knowing what to say, some of it time, but really all excuses. Life has been great and I haven't really focused on my own health or fitness, my weight has been sedentary and I gained some weight over the holidays. Over the last month i've continued to tell myself that im back in the game and then something happens, and i'm really not - I take myself out so easily. It's not like it hasn't been important to me, but I've allowed other things to be more important - sound familiar to anyone?

This morning I dragged myself to Biggest Winners and about 95% of me wanted to stay in bed, about 4% of me wanted to quit the program and a small 1% of me said GET UP AND JUST SHOW UP! Well i'm lucky the 1% won this morning. After a workout that only an evil trainer could think up Michele had a really straight conversation with all of us. To sum it up, WHY ARE YOU HERE? if you arent going to put the work in, why are you here? She started by asking us to rate our potential, the level we are currently participating at, in this current session, I wrote down 5 - for what I am up to in this program I can see that is insufficient to reach my promises to myself. For me a 5 is like "I show up and go through the motions, but not really into it". I do show up, I go to my workouts, but I acknowledge my food has not been 100% every single day for a long time, it's been "satisfactory" but not where it needs to be to forward my progress. So what is there for me to do, I thought of a few things:

1) show up to every workout, even the ones I didn't tell anyone I was going to
2) no eating after 8PM,
3) 2 litres of water consumed before finishing work each day and a subsiquent litre before 8PM
4) no more lattes or special coffees
5) limit eating out to 2x per week (once on Sunday morning and one other time)
6) take time for ME every week, unscheduled, relax, unwind, no phone
7) no more sneaking a treat at work
8) bring fun, excitement and aliveness to my workouts - not a sense of "when will this be over"

So that gives me a few places to start to bring my number from a current 5 up to a 10 by the end of this current session, no more messing around - time to get this done!

It was interesting though, we also talked about how to celebrate our successes without food. It is so culturally ingrained in us to celebrate by going out for a drink, or for dinner, but what if we celebrated without food and even without money - what would that look like? When I think about celebrating my milestones what comes to mind is a few things:

1) Allowing myself quite time at home where I have no expectation of anything, I can read or write or do whatever
2) Creating a fun social night with no food involved, could be crafting or board games or maybe even a clothing exchange
3) Share with just one person you don't even know what your accomplishment was - their reaction can be one of the best gifts ever - take it in!
4) Love yourself up, bath/hot shower, do your nails at home, give yourself a facial - maybe even invite some girlfriends over
5) Take the day off work for no reason but to just do whatever you want!

And for those of you with some cash to spare

6) Go get your nails done or facial (Yes, even boys)
7) Treat yourself to a movie out
8) Put $ away for each milestone you reach so that when you reach your goal weight you can treat yourself to a big trip or reward
9) Buy a new outfit
10) Buy a new book and read it

I'm sure I could think of several more things, but I actually realized that I stopped celebrating anything to do with weight loss/maintenance, it's been all wrapped up in shame of re-gaining some weight. And stopping to think about it now I know that I still had a huge accomplishment, nothing takes that away, AND what there is to do is put the work in - have fun at the same time - and continue on the journey which never ends.


Unknown said…
You go, Sista! Gotta stay positive :)

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