Own the Podium

HAPPY SUNDAY! Gold medal morning and the completion of a week of confront, breakthroughs and being back on track. Last Sunday was my first blog post in over 2 months, that a long time, and to be honest I thought that no one was going to read it or maybe forgot about me, i'd been hiding out you know. But apparently I can't hide in my life, nearly 200 people read that post - reminds me that I can make the difference I am out to make by starting with me. Put your mask on before anyone else!

This morning's check in was a follow up on last week's check in or maybe reality check in. For me I took on this week looking at my number from 1 to 10 on how "in the game" I am, last week I said 5 and there's nothing wrong with it. In fact, it is incredibly powerful to get related to what is so or the reality of the now, that is why we weigh in each week, that is why we write in our books, not to feel bad, but to get related to what is so right now and what is missing that we can put in to have the results we want. So what I took on this week was creating a whole new view on my fitness such that I move that number from a 5 all the way back up to 10. The view I created this week was being an athlete of integrity, wowsa - now that's a view to take on. The funny thing is, the moment you create that view of life, everything that shows up is all the places that doesn't exist. So who I am is an athlete of integrity and there I am in bed at 5:30AM fighting in my head about waking up to go run in the cold. Now, the view of "i have to workout" probably would have had me stay in bed, but the view of "im an athlete of integrity" had me up for 5 workouts this week. In reality, my experience of my health and fitness this week completely altered, there was a pretty big impact on my life in not being excited or engaged in my fitness anymore. What's important to me is that I make a difference for other people in their health and I was robbing myself of the opportunity to do that because I wasn't doing it for myself. Even though I still had people tell me how they were inspired by my story, on the inside I felt like a total fraud - this week in taking this new view on I completely altered that for myself and started making a difference with people all over the place. In some cases even constant texting to remind them to go drink water, and its not like I couldn't do that before, but I didn't relate to myself like it would make a difference because the difference wasn't being made with me.

The invitation and the opportunity for everyone is to create something as a view that totally inspires you, and you don't need to know how to do it, but what is amazing is every time something shows up that is outside of that view you have this new access to being incredibly powerful in the face of it. It's simply enlivening to know that I fulfilled on getting up for 5 workouts this week, despite the conversation of wanting to stay in the warm bed, so what will you create? what will you do this week to bring your game up to a 10? YOU and only YOU can make this difference in your life, you can join programs and talk about things and wish and hope, but at the end of the day the only thing that will ever make a difference is taking an action in the face of "i'd rather be doing X" with a view that simply wakes you up or reality checks you, life for me "being an athlete of integrity".

So that's the invitation to you - OWN THE PODIUM in your game of life!


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