Life Update

Hello my old friends, I've missed sharing with you. It's been a couple years and I stopped writing thinking no one would really remember, but funny story - people remember you when you make an impression on them. As part of my commitment to take on my health consistently it also means taking on mental health and those conversations that play in my head day in and day out. The big one for me is "don't let yourself be seen" and this blog became a way of being seen for me - hence my identity letting me slowly slip away. For anyone that has ever dealt with being morbidly obese you can probably relate to the feeling that being bigger allows you to hide from the world, it's always been safer and more comfortable than "being seen".

I'm here to tell you that i'm back and here to share the ups and downs of the health journey that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends, some people.... ok I better stop there before I get something stuck in my head.

Let me first update you on what's happened in my life in the last 2 years. It's a lot so here's the cliff notes version.

Our family now has 3 amazing girls who are thriving, happy and healthy. Abi is 3 and the best big sister ever. Let me introduce you to Bridget and Camilla, our miracle twins. Yes they are identical, no we didn't plan that, yes we are that effective! John is working full time as a speaker and travels often. I am on maternity leave from my regular 9-5 job and run my Epicure business in the crevasses of being a Mom and Wife. Life is amazing AND it's time to focus back on myself, my health and my energy.

I am re-launching this blog for a few reasons:
1. I am asked pretty regularly, why don't you write anymore? And I figured it was time to "be seen" again
2. This is an opportunity for me to share the ups and downs of the never ending health journey and all the layers of emotional eating
3. Basically, I had no good reason not to do it.

Until the next post! Thanks for reading :)


Erin Rose said…
Thanks for showing up 💕💗

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