Slippery Slope

It's been almost a month since I finished my first round of Whole 30 and wanted to share where i'm at. The experience of 30 days of eliminating trigger foods was so liberating and the structure was amazing, but I realized that without the structure and the accountability I started to slip. The slide is pretty slippery once you start going. Here's the thing, I know that about myself to - I know that I need structure and accountability to stay on track but I didn't put that in place.

I've maintained many of the habits I formed but my personal lines/boundaries have been blurry instead of black and white which is really what I need. What I know about my body and what works is:
1. No grains is best for me and my energy
2. I can withstand dairy, but not tons of it - small amounts are ok
3. STOP eating after dinner (this is a big one)
4. Prep my veggies
5. Don't snack

In the last couple weeks I've noticed my energy decrease, my moods become low and my drive to do anything start to diminish. All I want to do is cuddle babies and sleep, and though there's nothing wrong with that it's also not consistent with what i'm committed to. There's also only so many games of Two Dots a girl can play.

If you've never struggled with food addiction or being overweight then this may be hard to relate to, you may think - well just "do it" just "don't eat that food". Honestly, that is why I share my struggle because it's not as simple as just telling yourself not to do it. This entire process is emotional and confronting and yes the action is "don't eat that thing" but there's an entire experience behind it that we have to face. The challenge is if you don't actually confront those emotions you will bury them and eventually will implode into binging or more eating, hence this vicious cycle. Food addiction is like no other addiction because you have to eat to survive, unlike smoking/alcohol where you can live without it.

Honestly what is right there for me when I go to blur my lines of what works is "you deserve it" - like somehow I deserve to eat the cookie or the chips because I had a hard day. So today i'm shifting my context to "My girls deserve better", they deserve a Mom who isn't exhausted.

I'd love for you to share with me, what can you create as a context to come from when feeding your body nourishing foods? What would empower you to stay true to your own lines?


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