More Cardio

Today was our last personal training session with Mindy at Esquimalt Rec :(... Thursday will be the last one all together. I'm definitely glad I did it, learned a lot and got some new workouts out of it. I've decided that I have to seriously up my cardio though because if I’m doing this much strength training it could be why I didn't lose any weight last weigh in. I'm thinking maybe doing like a 30 min run in the morning before work on the days that I workout in the evening. We'll see how this week goes and if my weigh in is better.

I've been following the clean eating principles for the last 2 days. My food for today is as follows:
Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled with red/green peppers and onions, one piece of toast
AM Snack: Protein Bar
Lunch: Spinach salad with tuna
PM Snack: Raspberries and almonds
Dinner: individual veggie pizza, no cheese, extra veggies, garden salad with vinaigrette
Water Consumption: 4 L

I'm going to try and pick up the Clean Eating book from Costco and look at it more in depth and become a bit more knowledgeable about what foods work together.


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