Weekend Time

Food Journal - July 9

It's finally here!! After a long few days of being focused - it's my weekend.

Friday was my first Bootcamp AM class, that is since I was doing my previous bootcamp which was all mornings. It's deffinitly easier when you do mornings all week instead of just once a week. It was another running day but it was nice since it was 6am it wasnt as hot as Wednesday. We ran from the studio (on lower Johnston) down to the causeway in the inner harbour. The trainer brought all the equipment down in the car and set up stations directly in the harbour for push ups, step ups, sit ups, pull ups, cone runs. We also did some sprints from one end to the other. I don't think i've sprinted since I was in maybe grade 10 - but it was a good feeling to know I could do it. I now just need to learn how to keep my breating under control so I can run for a sustianed amount of time.

Last night we went to a BBQ at a friends place. Munchies - those are the killers. I made sure to sit away from the chips, I did have some whole wheat tortilla chips with guacamole later on, but still was within what calories I should have eaten for that day. I was driving so no alcohol calories for me.

Now my focus for the rest of the weekend is to stay really focused with my food and water consumption. I'll be going to the Organic Islands Festival later today and checking out what that has to offer.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”


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