What's wrong with my head!!

So I have been lacking in my posting, tsk tsk. I dunno what's wrong with me these days, i'm feeling awfully unmotivated. Part of me is feeling like i'm putting in so much work and effort and I can't see the results. Though everyone around me is telling me I look good and look like i'm losing lots of weight. I should be happy with my progress, but I don't know why I'm being so hard on myself, like its not good enough. K I lost 4 lbs this week and I'm telling myself that's not good enough? I dunno.. i'm trying to snap my head back into positive territory, but it's not happening.

I had some big accomplishments this last week though, we hiked Mt. Finlayson on Thursday - super super hard, took 1:07 to go up, then another hour to go back the other side which was a long hike but I wasn't prepared to go back down the steep way. John is going for surgery on Friday so we may not have a chance to do more hiking for awhile, depending on how long he's recovering for. Guess i'm going to have to get my butt up early and do some extra work outs.

My accomplishment at work was not giving into the tim hortons donuts sitting in the office waiting to be eaten... I avoided temptation, even though every ounce of me wanted to just chow down and numb my feelings of frustration - I didn't.

I need to re-focus, but not sure what to do... Maybe just a good nights sleep will help.


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