Celebrating Success

Well i'm back from our trip to Texas. Everything's big in Texas for sure. I was pretty scared going on this trip as I would be totally out of my element and little control over my meals since they are all provided by the conference apart from dinner. I was delighted to see that they offered a great breakfast selection that was not just muffins and coffee. There was actually eggs and fruit. I was able to choose the foods that were healthy and just avoided the breads and the deep fried foods and the desserts. It definitely wasn't easy seeing all that food and avoiding it but I did it and I am proud of myself for it.

I did go down there with a huge intention of working out every day but that just did not happen. It took me almost four days to recover from our 29 hours travel extravaganza. 9 hours of delays in the Victoria airport and 9 hours in the Seattle airport. I don't wish to relive that. I did utilize my time in Seattle to run the stairs at the airport, got a nice shine on but really what else am I going to do for 9 hours?

I'm happy to be back in my bootcamp routine though, well until Friday at least and then it's time to get the rest of my wisdom teeth out... not looking forward to that. Once that is done and over with I will be able to focus 100% back into working out 6 days per week..

Today I had an amazing meeting with a life coach who asked to interview me about my weight loss journey. It's a big awakening to re-live the past 2.5 years and vocalize how I got here. It really made me step back and look at myself and say WOW look at what you've done. That is still my hardest part is recognizing my successes but i'm getting better at it. This whole journey is really about self discovery and learning about who I am. It is not just a physical journey but a mental and emotional journey as well. All these elements must work together in harmony to bring you success.

My focus now is to remember to celebrate, remember to be proud of myself and remember all that I have accomplished.


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